What if Charlie Weasley is asexual? Like what if when his brothers were going through puberty and getting crushes on girls and just obsessing over them, Charlie was just like, “Guys. DRAGONS.”

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Did you know…

There is a dinosaur that has been named Dracorex hogwartsia, with Hogwartsia being based on the name of Hogwarts, in honor of the series. The name translates to “Dragon King of Hogwarts.” Coincidentally, the dinosaur’s name also contains the word “draco,” but it has nothing to do with a Harry Potter book character sharing the name.

Read more trivia on our books page.

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Enter our September “Quibbler” Contest!

This month’s topic is Literary PotterOne of the many awesome things about Harry Potter is that it got so many of us excited about reading. For September’s contest, we’re asking you to show off your literary chops. Pick any work of literature and compare it to Harry Potter. You can address this from any standpoint you like: Maybe consider how their characters are similar (Macbeth and Lord Voldemort, anyone?), or how they each deal with a certain issue (like the meaning of humanity). You don’t need to conclude that one work is “better,” just think about how Harry Potter fits into the great wide world of literature.

You can enter the contest here!

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